The Yonkers Tennis center junior program utilizes a Development Appropriate Tennis (D.A.T.) method created by YTC Director of Instruction, Tendai Kuwaza. The D.A.T. model utilizes block scheduling by color for group instruction which makes the sign up process easier for parents. Each time slot has 2 courts. For your child, D.A.T, offers a better sense of what it takes to advance, both athletically and technically by placing them with their peers, some stronger and some weaker. By being able to play both up and down, your child learns how to compete, knowing how to win and sometimes, more importantly, how to lose. Being able to do both is what makes a good competitor.

Even more importantly, D.A.T. will make them feel like they're on a playground. They are not restricted by court parameters, but still managed and trained by level. A player may have awesome ground strokes, but be weak at volleys. If that's the case, this technique places a student in a station where the skill will be honed then quickly brought back to the original space for continued play. The goal being to teach both court and life skills with the premise: it's okay to take one step back to take two steps forward!

Benefits of Block Scheduling:

Allows more station with skill specific courts including more private attention
Allows pros to quickly assess player levels and change group within the block easily
Allows consistency in curriculum
Allows for team teaching and better chemistry
Allows team building amongst juniors and a larger pool of kids to develop friendships
Allows the player to progress within a group
Allows learning from others: what happens daily on playgrounds and in school
Allows ease of registration. players sign up by color for a 2 court block

What D.A.T. Wants:
Kids are "comfortable" on the court
They respect one another
Foster a competitive spirit developmentally at or above their own expectations
Mastery of skill
Self-awareness on and off the court
Pros make it fun and dynamic at the same time
Kids to develop a love of tennis which can last a lifetime

Learn more with F.A.Qs about D.A.T.

What does a D.A.T. practice session look like?
Fun athletic and dynamic warm up
Stroke development/Technical practice session
Tactical/Strategy practice session that implements technical strokes
Game and Play practice

"PLAY is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning, but for children, PLAY is serious learning. PLAY is really the work of childhood." ~ Fred Rogers (from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood)

D.A.T. Instruction Options

Find out which instruction is right for you. Click on the programs to learn more about them!

Junior Clinics: Get evaluated & placed in a group with others for a weekly lesson.

Seasonal Court with a Pro: Form a group of your own and purchase a weekly court with instruction. Commitment September through May.

Private Lessons: Anyone can schedule private instruction with a pro. For the same time each week for 33 weeks, Permanent Private Courts are available.

D.A.T. Playing Options

Free Open Time for Red Ball Players Weekdays from 3:30-4pm run by our Coaches in Training and supervised by a YTC Professional!

Free Open Time for Orange, Green, and Yellow Ball Players Weekdays from 3-4pm!
Players should reserve court in advance!

Saturday D.A.T. Events These events are for all YTC junior players!