2017-18 Junior Clinic Program Policies

Clinic Policies

Season: Start, end, and off dates for all clinics can be found on our website. Note that the only breaks we observe are Thanksgiving weekend, the week between December 24th and January 1st, and Memorial Day weekend. We do not observe other religious, national, or school holidays and closings.

Commitment & Registration: The Junior Clinic Program is a 18, 33 or 36-week commitment. A player is not officially enrolled in a program without full payment or the required non-refundable deposit and confirmation of the payment method for the remaining balance. Registration is not final until the payment has been processed.

Payment: Payment is due in full upon enrollment unless the customer has opted for the Auto-Pay plan. Our Auto-Pay plan must have a form of payment on file of either a Visa, MasterCard, or checking account. An invalid card that is run will result in a $25 fee. 18 week Auto-Pay (deposit due upon registration) consists of monthly installments December 15th through March 15th for Session II. 36 Week Auto-Pay (deposit due upon registration) consists of monthly installments September 15th through March 15th. You will receive your YTC account statement on the 1st of each month with details of the month’s activities. The payment will be processed against your form of payment on file on the 15th of the following month.

Drop Outs: Please check your schedule carefully prior to registering. Players may drop out of a clinic due to scheduling conflicts, relocation, and injury. A drop out fee will incur due to choosing to leave a clinic permanently.
18 Week: There will be a $75 drop out fee. There are no drop outs after week 9 of each session.
33, 36 Week: There will be a $150 drop out fee. There are no drop outs after 4/1.
The drop out fee will be waived if the player cannot return to Yonkers Tennis Center due to relocation, or for an injury that has occurred and confirmed by a doctor’s note. All drop outs must be approved by the Director of Tennis.

Refunds: Refunds for dropping out of a clinic are calculated as the difference between the number of classes taken before communication and the amount paid minus the drop out fee. The refund will be returned to the original payment method, unless otherwise specified.

Injuries: If a player is injured for 3 to 8 weeks, an injury credit will be issued to their YTC account for future use. After 8 weeks of a medical injury, the clinic spot will be released and a refund will be issued for the remaining amount. All medical injury claims must be communicated by the third week and accompanied by a doctor's note. A drop out fee will be waived for an injury that is confirmed by a doctor's note.

Level/Class Changes: To provide the best experience for all, a player whose skill level does not match their current class will be asked to change to a compatible class or will be issued a prorated credit for future use.

Make-ups: We strongly encourage the highest level of commitment, consistency and timeliness from you to most greatly benefit your growth, development, and enjoyment of your tennis.  We do understand that there are circumstances where missing your clinic is inevitable and we try to be fair as possible with our make up policy.  Many tennis clubs do not offer make ups, but as part of our customer service commitment to our players, you will be eligible for 4 maximum make ups for each 18 week clinic that you are signed up for.  We will do our best to help you, but all make up sign ups are first come, first serve.  Make ups will be scheduled during the winter break and at the end of the season.  We are sorry, but we do not roll over make ups from one season to the next or offer in week make ups.  It is best to schedule your make ups as soon as it schedule is released, which will be done via email, in the club, and on our website.  

Class Sizes: All classes have a minimum enrollment of 3. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Yonkers Tennis Center reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment. Red ball classes have a ratio of 6:1. Orange, Green, Yellow classes have ratio of 4:1. If the number of attendees in a group clinic drops below 3, it is no longer considered a clinic and the remaining 2 players will be asked to move to another class or take the time slot as a semi-private lesson and pay the difference until another player is found to join the class.

Photos/Videos: Yonkers Tennis Center reserves the right to use pictures/videos taken of our players for publicity and advertising.

DISCOUNTS: Play More Tennis discount allows for any additional family member to receive 5% off their clinic after the first person in the family has enrolled in a clinic. Players can also receive 5% off when signing up for a 2nd clinic.

Closings: Please be aware that we do not follow the school closing policy in terms of holidays or snow cancellations. If the club does close, all clinic participants will be notified via email. You can also find an update on our website or on our Facebook page. Players will then be notified with the scheduled make-up date for the missed class.