Ben Chin- 2016 USTA Captain of the Year!

Captains’ Kudos

Amy and I would like to thank each and every captain – your hard work in making USTA leagues a success is noticed and appreciated. We both understand the time and effort required in forming and running USTA teams.
One initiative that we would like to work on is finding ways for all of you to communicate stories of both captains and players who go the extra mile, exhibit great sportsmanship, or devote time to the sport we all love, so please, stay tuned on that.

Tonight, we would like to recognize one such captain, someone who truly deserves the Captains’ Kudos award this year. Someone who defines what it means to go the extra mile.
This person was a high school tennis player and dabbled a little in intramural tennis in college. Upon moving back to Westchester after college, he wanted to get back into tennis but wasn’t sure where to begin. Several years ago, he decided to start a group on that would attract others who were interested in playing. It didn’t take long for that group to become a success, and the handful of players he started with in the fall, became 100 by winter. He organized round robin play, mostly out of Yonkers, but also at outdoor facilities. He then got involved in USTA’s program “Sets in the City” which is a social tennis league offered throughout the year for young adults who wish to begin or continue playing tennis. While still involved in that program, he transitioned to USTA leagues.

His group now consists of 1100 members and he hosts events in Westchester and at Cary Leeds in the Bronx.

He is playing on 13 USTA teams in Westchester and Metro regions, and captains 6 Westchester teams. The two mixed doubles teams that he captained made it to playoffs this year, and his 6.0 team will be competing in regionals. His tri-level team has also qualified for the upcoming local playoffs. He has brought many new members to the Westchester USTA community and is now mentoring some of these players to create and form their own USTA teams.

We cannot think of a better person to recognize tonight. Please join us in thanking BEN CHIN, and congratulating him on a job well done. Ben, we have a small gift for you as a token of our appreciation.

Kate Jennings and Amy Guttman
USTA Eastern - Southern League Coordinators