La Romana Ballboy Foundation

2018 La Romana Ball Boys Foundation Annual Fundraiser

Last year throughout the month of March we held a fundraiser at our club with the purpose of collecting all types of tennis equipment for young underprivileged kids from the Dominican Republic. These children want to be given an opportunity to play such a great sport like tennis. We are very lucky to have customers that care so much for these kids and the sport. Thanks to you we collected the following items:

75 Racquets
35 T-Shirts
30 grips
4 pairs of tennis shoes
3 Reels of strings (string about 10 racquets each)
5 tennis bags
250 tennis balls

We are excited to announce that we are going to make this an annual event in the month of March. Boxes will be set out at the club for you to donate tennis items such as racquets, sneakers, strings, grips, tennis apparel. Money donations will also be gladly appreciated. The La Romana Ball Boys Foundation is working hard to help underprivileged and at risk children to stay off of the streets of the Dominican Republic and to give them the opportunity to play the sport that we all love as well as focusing on their education and health care.

For questions about this fundraiser do not hesitate to contact our own Rene Guerrero and Richard Sanchez.

2017: Thank you to everyone that donated to the fundraiser! - Richard Sanchez

Throughout the month of March, Richard Sanchez, a native of La Romana in the Dominican Republic, coordinated an equipment drive to help support La Romana Ballboy Foundation. Founded in 1988, the Ball Boy Foundation offers the local children in La Romana the opportunity to get involved with the game of tennis. The Foundation offers lessons, provides educational scholarships, and more. La Romana is located on the southeast end of the Dominican Republic.

Richard wanted to help support the foundation as he started as a ball boy at the resort, Casa de Campo, at the age of 12. In order to play baseball in the streets, Richard and his friends in the DR would sew socks together to make a ball. A few of the tennis ballboys at Casa de Campo started selling them used tennis balls for them to use for their baseball games. Instead of continually getting ripped off by the older boys, Richard decided he would just get a job as a ballboy and get tennis balls for he and his friends. Richard's mother, who worked at the resort, spoke with her manager about helping Richard acquire the job. Shortly after starting, Richard started playing tennis and eventually stopped playing baseball all together.

Along with several other ballboy alums and friends, Fernando Soler, Freddy Rijo, and our very own Rene Guerrero, they started the La Romana Ballboy Foundation to give back to their hometown. Now spread around the world, the group of ball boys stay in touch via Whats App and continue to help the foundation run. "Fernando is a Real Estate agent in Punta Cana and Freddy is a doctor in La Romana," said Richard. "Everyone does what they can to help keep things going for the foundation along with Pavel, the local pro, who gives free and very low cost lessons to the kids in the town. Tennis has been an important part of my life, and we hope that by continuing to help and give back to the kids in our home town, they can have a similar results as we did!" added Richard.

Donated items:

  • 75 Racquets
  • 35 t-shirts
  • 30 grips
  • 4 pairs of tennis sneakers
  • 3 reel of string (strings 10-11 racquets)
  • 5 tennis bags
  • 250 tennis balls