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D.A.T. Q & A

It sounds like the name of the program has a new twist. Am I right
The philosophy has evolved and the "Developmental Appropriate Tennis" (DAT) model is part of that evolution. The acronym D.A.T. is a fun way of conveying it.

Why does block scheduling by color seem to make sense
Last season the teaching staff experimented with team teaching and utilized a 2 court block system where the schedule allowed. The results were excellent and we wanted to expand upon it from inception.

I like the playground learning idea. Can you tell me more?
For our young kids, fun and focus are two things usually not linked together. When children are at their playful best, they discover strengths and weaknesses in a caring environment. By providing a place that fosters a playful approach to learning, kids absorb more information and develop sharper foxy for achieving goals and building confidence. This will aid as they progress in tennis and in life.

There seems to be different additional play opportunities as a part of the program come fall. What's this about?
Tennis is like most things in life, you learn and progress faster the more you practice. We've tried to structure the opportunities in a creative way for kids to play more without breaking the bank.

I'm a Red Ball kid. What's "Drop in practice weekdays from 3:30-4pm"?
As mentioned above we want all levels to play more. We're setting aside courts for the red ballers to come in before class. It will be run by our highly successful C.I.T. juniors and supervised by a staff pro. Red ballers get more repetitions and C.I.T.s learn by teaching: win-win!

Do all Orange, Green, Yellow juniors really get FREE Open Time weekdays from 3-4pm
More extra play! Car pool with friends and/or communicate with group families. They'll learn as much from the process as the court time: another win-win!

The Saturday 5-8pm Free Play. Do Tell!
This is open to Orange, Green & Yellow Squad Juniors Only. Each week will vary from team tennis, match play, ladders, ATP points and more. Coach Nigel Brown is the master of this format and will supervise.

Will squads have a conditioning and private/semi component each week?
Conditioning is the fitness and training component that will be customized to each group's needs to improve endurance, balance, strength, speed, and agility. While the group is conditioning, one or two kids will be working with other pro isolating and training on competencies.

I'm kind of liking D.A.T.! Now what?
You have to admit it's fun and catchy but rooted in solid foundations across the entire program. D.A.T.'s a guarantee! Give us a call to schedule your evaluation so that you can be a part of D.A.T.! See you on the court!

If you have any additional questions about D.A.T., contact Tendai Kuwaza, D.A.T. creator at tkuwaza@yonkerstennis.com