Junior Clinics


About Junior Clinics

At Yonkers Tennis Center, we have something for every type of player. If you're new to the game and looking to develop your skills, we have options for you. If you're an intermediate player, looking to advance to make a school team, we have options for you too! Whether you're a recreational player or an advance player looking to reach a high school or college level, we are here to help you learn the game and enjoy it for a lifetime!

The Yonkers Tennis Center junior program utilizes the D.A.T. methodology created by YTC Director of Instruction, Tendai Kuwaza. The D.A.T. model utilizes a 2 court block scheduling system by ball color for group instruction which makes the sign up process easier for parents. For your child, D.A.T, offers a better sense of what it takes to advance, both athletically and technically by placing them with their peers, some stronger and some weaker. By being able to play both up and down, your child learns how to compete, knowing how to win and sometimes, more importantly, how to lose. Being able to do both is what makes a good competitor.

Even more importantly, D.A.T. will make them feel like they're on a playground. They are not restricted by court parameters, but still managed and trained by level. A player may have awesome ground strokes, but be weak at volleys. If that's the case, this technique places a student in a station where the skill will be honed then quickly brought back to the original space for continued play. The goal being to teach both court and life skills with the premise: it's okay to take one step back to take two steps forward!

Benefits of Block Scheduling:

  • Allows more station with skill specific courts including more private attention
  • Allows pros to quickly assess player levels and change group within the block easily
  • Allows consistency in curriculum
  • Allows for team teaching and better chemistry
  • Allows team building amongst juniors and a larger pool of kids to develop friendships
  • Allows the player to progress within a group
  • Allows learning from others: what happens daily on playgrounds and in school
  • Allows ease of registration. Players sign up by color for a 2 court block

What D.A.T. Wants:

  • Kids are "comfortable" on the court
  • They respect one another
  • Foster a competitive spirit developmentally at or above their own expectations
  • Mastery of skill
  • Self-awareness on and off the court
  • Pros make it fun and dynamic at the same time
  • Kids to develop a love of tennis which can last a lifetime

What does a D.A.T. practice session look like?

  • Fun athletic and dynamic warm up
  • Stroke development/Technical practice session
  • Tactical/Strategy practice session that implements technical strokes
  • Game and Play practice

Learn more with F.A.Qs about D.A.T.

We take the time to evaluate each player!

Each player receives a complimentary evaluation before we place them in a program. Evaluations typically take 30 minutes, 15 of which are on court hitting with one of our tennis professionals or directors. Afterward, we can help match your goals to the different programming options that we have at the club! The evaluation ensures that you are placed in the correct program based on your ability and age.

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Below is our pathway for all junior players.

Please read below to learn about each level

2017-18 Junior Clinic Information

All YTC clinic levels are based on player skill level, age and experience

Red Ball
Session Length: 18 Weeks. There are two sessions from September through May.
Frequency: 1x per week
Class Length: 60 minutes
Ratio: 6:1
Ages: 4-9

Red Ball

  • For players brand new to tennis and minimal experience.
  • Focuses on basics of the game including: how to hold the racquet, where the best contact points are, how to move on the court and learning the language of the sport.
  • Hand eye coordination and movement skills are practiced through cooperative challenges, fun dynamic drills, and point play games with the ultimate goal of developing a love for the game and a long term tennis player.

18 Week Session for 60 Minutes: $699
36 Week Session for 60 Minutes: $1328*
*Includes 5% discount for committing to full 36 week Season

Orange Ball, Green Ball, Yellow Ball
Session Length:18 or 36 Weeks.
Frequency: 1x per week
Class Length: 60 minutes or 90 minutes
Ratio: 4:1
Ages: 7-18

Orange Ball, Green Ball, Yellow Ball Player Descriptions
Orange Ball Player Descriptions

  • Building on the beginner stages of the game
  • Hand eye coordination and movement skills are a continued focus, as well as rally consistency and shot control.
  • Developing ball tracking skills, timing, rhythm, and sound swing paths are areas of emphasis.
  • Cooperative challenges as well as competitive and fun dynamic drills and point play games continue to develop the lifetime player.

Green & Yellow Ball Player Descriptions

  • Once a solid foundation of hand eye coordination, ball tracking skills, timing and rhythm and a love for the game has been built, greater detail to swing path is focused on to continue to develop a complete player.
  • Increased consistency, control and beginning to learn the strategies of the game are emphasized.
  • More advanced competitive situations take place.

  • Cost
    18 Week Session for 60 Minutes: $954
    18 Week Session for 90 Minutes: $1431

    36 Week Session for 60 Minutes: $1812*
    36 Week Session for 90 Minutes: $2718*
    *Includes 5% discount for committing to full 36 week Season

    High Performance Training Squad

    Levels include: Orange Squad, Green Squad, Junior Varsity Squad and Varsity Squad

    Orange, Green, Junior Varsity Squad Player Description

    • At this stage a player sees that hard work starts to pay off. For the highest-level player per age bracket, who are driven to compete in tournament settings with focus on how to train to be a high level competitive player.
    • Fitness, shot selection, offense and defense situations, player analysis and much more are areas of emphasis, along with advanced level techniques and tactics.
    • Shot selection, point construction, and game analysis tactics are combined with speed, spin and power techniques in development of an all around stronger player.
    • Players are put in healthy competitive situations, learning from wins and losses, and how to become a great player on and off the court.
    • Varsity Squad Player Description

    • This program is specifically designed to prepare and help kids see success when joining and competing on a high school tennis team and playing USTA Tournaments.
    • Practices are conducted in a similar fashion to how school teams run.
    • Emphasis on teamwork and work ethic are a main focus.
    • Rally consistency, control, high percentage shot selection, serve, return and score situations as well as more advanced technical and tactical development are focused on.

    Orange Squad/Green Squad 36 Week Session for 90 minutes: $2718*
    Green Squad 36 Week Session for 120 minutes: $5150**
    *Includes 5% discount for committing to full 36 week season
    **Includes 10% discount for committing to two full 36 week classes

    Junior Varsity/Varsity Squad
    36 Week Session for 90 minutes: $3625*
    36 Week Session for 120 minutes: $6870**
    *Includes 5% discount for committing to one full 36 week season
    **Includes 10% discount for committing to two full 36 week classes

    Read the 2017-18 Junior Clinic Policies here.