Adult Clinic Session II 2017-18 Renewal


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Session 2 runs from Jan. 23-June 10 depending on your day and time.

Session 2: Clinics are 18 weeks or 15 weeks if your clinic ends after 7pm Mon.-Fri and Saturday before 1pm.

Level 1.0 & 1.5 Beginner: Quickstart for Adult

Session Length: 18 Weeks.
Frequency: 1x per week
Class Length: 1 Hour
Ratio: 6:1
Cost: $699 per session

Level 2.0-4.0: Advanced Beginner - Advanced

Session Length: 18 Weeks
Frequency: 1x per week
Class Length: 1 Hour or 1.5 Hour
Ratio: 4:1
18 Weeks for 1 Hour: $954
18 Weeks for 1.5 Hour: $1431

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