1st Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

Thank you to all of our AMAZING Yonkers Tennis center customers for contributing and participating in our fundrasiers for Susan G. Komen and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centers

Throughout the one week fundraiser, TOGETHER, we raised $3,891.76!!!

Thank you to our prize donators

Paul Bessolo of Rock Island Sound
Mary Beth Dooley of Red Hat on the River Restaurant
Wilson Sporting Goods via Sarah Maynard
Head via Joe Hjaducky

Thank you for all of everyone that participated in the
Pro Exhibition Kick Off event for Susan G. Komen

Wendy Zimmerman, Debbie Obrien, Mary Beth Dooley, Cathy Babit, Emily Lubitz, Nancy Tomanaek Naomia Honor, Laurie Duffolo, Deannna Santoro, Al Solani, Jen Duffy, Sigler Family, Lee Family, Kaplan Family, Moskowitz Family, Berg Family, Moser Family, Blank Family, Dhakad Family, Mike Korn and Nancy Liebowitz, Anibal Mistorini, Leslie Gibson, Donnna Mercurio, Sydney Payla, Jason Karsasky, Hilary Schmidt, Val Malkin , Ben Metzer, Christoher Jadot, Andy Scharf, Mike Schwartz, Glen Kaplan, Peter Perry, Lenny Malter, Bill Reifer, Robert Schwartz, Eric Wachs, Mark Friedman, Lars, Robert T.,Richard Sanchez, Minna Hughes, Paulomi Shah, Kandice Frania, Kevin Budzynski, David Wong,Eve Cohen, Pauline Sealey, Barber Family, Vlad Malkin, Lazar, Joe Weitzman, Lenny Copper, Debbie Deluca, David Pecora, Willie Monyalto, Thomasina Williams, Ognian Zapriannon, Suzannne Page, Michelle/Mark Santucci, Kathleen Disalvatore, Greg Grecius, Mira Weinfeld, Austin Lawless, Sherri Luckow, Mary Curto, Debbie Urbonotti, Audrey Ressler, Laura Salano, Heidi Paul, Naomi Ortiz Honoe, Ann Mcnulty, Joyce Parker, Shallini Mehra, Donna Mercurio, Leslie Gibson, Jonathan Abady, Barbara Shea, Lacey Berger, Linda Morano, Suzy Kerper, Nigel Brown, Sara Little, Cathy/Mike Babit, Andrew Babit, Michelle Caraturro, Cherly Yozzo, Lenny Cooper, Carol Bonica Rene Bundschuh, Patty Hodges, John Howell, Eric Wachs, Monigue Robidoux, Yonkers CLS Union, Annna Niksa, Shannon Hodges, Mike Schwartz, Jen Barbara, Mike B., Kathy Galante Meagan Fitzpatrick, Ant P., Sharleen Jones, Ed Bonci, Ellen Leigh, Mike Mcmorrow, Jay Barston, Vernon Phillip, Anthony Vezzuto, Phyllis, Bob Holgerson, Val Malkin, Pat Rogers

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Weeklong Fundraiser

Yonkers Tennis Center donated $5 for every hour taught on court
from October 24 until October 30.
In that time, we taught 331.5 hours which raised $1657.50!