Quickstart for Adult Beginners

Thanks so much for suggesting the Quickstart Program for Adult Beginners. It's been really helpful and fun for me to learn the basics of tennis and feel confident/comfortable at my level. I'm really enjoying my tennis lessons!" - Meghan Z., YTC Customer

One of the best parts of tennis is getting into a rally with another player. With QuickStart for Adult beginners, our goal is to get you rallying and experiencing this joy. We want you to hit a ton of balls each class, so that you get to experience what a player being in the sport for years has felt and loved about tennis.

The BEST Way to Learn the Game. Summer Sessions Starting Now!

What is It:

This is the easiest and most fun way to learn tennis as an adult. Through the use of smaller court space and softer, low compression tennis balls (red, orange and green), players are able to serve, rally and score as quickly as possible, while learning the basics of the game in a fun environment.

Who is it For?:

Quickstart for Beginners is for those who have never picked up a racquet or have only played a few times before.

When does it take place?:

Spring 2017
18 week 1 hour classes with other adult beginners.

How many sessions of QuickStart for Adults should I do?

Players should participate in several sessions of Quickstart for Adults. There's no set time table for how quickly a player progresses. We want you to have fun and be able to use and add to your skills. This class is an introductory of learning how to serve, rally, and score to help you to begin to enjoy the game and get all of the health benefits that tennis provides. Like any skills based activities, the more you do it, the better you will become. We want to make your beginner experience as much fun as possible while you're learning how to play!

What's Next After Quickstart?:

As a player's skills improve, they can move up to the next level. To learn more about the adult Clinic Pathway clinic here after completing several QSTA sessions or when their skill levels have enabled them to move up to the next level.

Adult Clinic Pathway

Read more about our Adult Pathway levels and playing opportunities.
Yonkers Tennis Center uses the National Tennis Rating Program to determine player levels.
Learn more about each level and find out which is the best playing level for you!

Level 1.0 Beginner: Quickstart for Adult

Level 1.0 Player Description

  • For players brand new to tennis.
  • Focuses on basics of the game including: how to hold the racquet, where the best contact points are, how to move on the court and learning the language of the sport.
  • Hand eye coordination and movement skills are practiced through cooperative challenges, fun dynamic drills, and point play games with the ultimate goal of developing a love for the game and a long term tennis player.

Level 1.0 uses: Red Ball, Orange Ball
Session Length: 18 Weeks. See Dates below.
Frequency: 1x per week
Class Length: 1 Hour
Ratio: 6:1
Cost: $699 per session

Level 1.5 Beginner: Quickstart for Adult

Level 1.5 Player Description

  • Builds on 1.0 stage with continued focus on hand eye coordination. and movement.
  • Focuses on rally consistency, shot control, ball tracking skills, timing and rhythm and sound swing paths.
  • Cooperative challenges, fun and dynamic drills and point play games.
  • Goal of having fun, continuing to improve and becoming a long term tennis player.

Level 1.5 uses: Red Ball, Orange Ball, Green Ball
Session Length: 18 Weeks. There are three sessions from September through May. See Dates below.
Frequency: 1x per week
Class Length: 1 Hour
Ratio: 6:1
Cost: $699 per session


For questions and registration for spring sessions, contact:
Mark Santucci at 914-968-6918x303 or msantucci@yonkerstennis.com