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We all know people who we’d call big-hearted. But what about companies? Can a company or, more specifically, a tennis club, have a big heart? Joe Curto, President of Yonkers Tennis Center, knows it’s possible. He lives it, he works it. “At YTC we’re small, but we have a huge heart.”

And what about soul? If YTC is a big-hearted company with a president known for quoting Bob Dylan, Benjamin Franklin, George Bailey and Mario Batali in the same sentence, then it is the community YTC serves -- the customers, neighbors, schools and nonprofit organizations -- who are the soul. “A sense of community is what we all should strive for and if every company, large and small, did what they could for those around them we’d be living in a better place,” Joe offers. “Some of the smartest people I’ve learned from through the years are working in our community making life a little bit better for those who haven’t been handed a fair hand.”

Observing the successes of others and listening carefully to their lessons learned are practices Joe Curto values. “I spent a lot of time with my Dad and he instilled the value of hard work, integrity and treating people fairly. He would always tell me: "Son, when you’re laying in that box all you have left is your reputation and integrity, nobody can ever take that away from you!” And one needs to look no further than to Joe Curto’s mother, Doris, for providing her son with the kind of kitchen table wisdom about the importance of caring for others that he now possesses. “My Mom taught me compassion and unconditional love."

A quick stroll through YTC offers a brilliant demonstration of the company's appreciation of both customer satisfaction and community activism. This balance, Joe believes, flourishes in part because of the dedicated and hardworking staff. "The staff really cares!" He also suggests that it is this chemistry between all the people involved as well as the delicate balance of sound business sense sprinkled with good, old-fashioned compassion that keeps YTC unique. "It's not only about our customers, programs, staff and community but something special happens when all those things click. There are many good tennis clubs out there but very few that really can inspire people. Inspiration happens all the time at YTC, both on and off the court!"

And it's safe to say that Joe Curto strives to stretch that inspirational outlook and feel-good vibe from his professional arena into his personal. On his passions and life loves: "I love my family (my wife, Kathy; daughters A.J., Maya and Maisy; son, Sam; and dog, Emme) and can't think of a better way to spend the day than with them. I love to cook and to eat. I am a passionate sports fan and especially love watching my favorite teams: Yankee baseball, 'Cuse hoops and Haldane Volleyball (last year's NYS championship was particularly emotional). Also, I volunteer a lot...can't seem to help it!"

Resume: At a Glance

  • Partner in Curco Operating Co. & JoMale Realty Corp., Yonkers based real estate firms
  • Graduate of Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University
  • Served on the boards of:
    • Westchester Coalition for the Hungry and Homeless
    • Haldane School Foundation
    • Julie L. Butterfield Memorial Library
    • Philipstown Little League, Friends of Philipstown Recreation
    • Yonkers Partners in Education
    • Groundwork Hudson Valley
    • Haldane Board of Education (elected, 6 years)